Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feeling Crafty #2

Do you remember the 'Useful Box' that they had on the ABC kids show, 'Playschool'?

I had one of those.


I HAVE one of those.

You know, a box of things that you can't bear to throw out - random things that will come in handy for any number of crafty related projects that may come up?

Well the other day I broke a pearl necklace, which, after losing half the pearls down the street, wasn't able to be fixed. So of course, the left over pearls were destined for the useful box. Actually, they didn't quite make it in there, because on opening the box I remembered some cute fabric off-cuts I had, and so decided on a little project to jazz up an old work blouse.

These cute little brooches were made with the aforementioned pearls and fabric, along with a safety pin, some cotton thread and a hot glue gun. They were easy-peasy to make and only required a bit of basic hand stitching and glue to pull them together. In my next post I’ll give you the instructions on how to make these gorgeous things.

In the meantime, do you follow Tracey Lau Art & Soul? Tracey is one super creative lady and her blog will keep you entertained for hours. She even has a fantastic prize giveaway at the moment, so make sure you stop by!


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