Saturday, March 27, 2010

My frock affair

It all started with a dress. A gold one. With gold sequinned stars. It was a dancing costume my mum had as a little girl and was relegated to my dress up box. I wore it endlessly - to kindy, in the back yard and even to bed. When I grew too big to wear it, I put my sister in it, and when she got too big, the cat (sorry Mitchie!)

My next frock affair was with a flowergirl dress my nan made for me when I was four to wear at my auntie's wedding. It had layer upon layer of white lace and trimmed with the prettiest of pale pink ribbon. With an endless length of handstitched pearl buttons and a pink sash tied in a bow, it was easily the most magnificient thing I had ever seen. And it was all mine. 20-something years later, I still have it and unfolding it from its box still brings a smile to my face.

And so began my love for all things fabulous. Not always dresses, and certainly not always fashionable; but precious items in my closet that, like all good love affairs, bring back wonderful memories that never seem to fade.